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Dr. Sabghir specializes in the management and treatment of congenital, acquired and developmental problems of the foot and ankle. The goal is to provide patients and family members with the educational tools to understand the condition being treated and work together to achieve resolution. Dr. Sabghir believes visiting the doctor should be a stress-free, pleasant experience to get you back up on your feet as quick as possible.

Who should see a podiatrist?

  • All children within the first few years of life; especially those who in-toe, toe walk, have any foot deformity (even mild), heel pain, growing pains, fatigue, tired legs, “clumsiness” and, importantly, children whose parents suffer from foot pains and structural deformities.
  • Any adult with foot pain, discomfort, or deformity affecting everyday activities
  • Everyone with a diagnosis of Diabetes types I & II
  • Handicapped and special needs population
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